Baad Dog!

By Rodger Matthews

I was required to attend the home of a client to interview her. As I walked up the garden path I noticed a large German Shepherd Dog running around in the front garden. I rang the bell on the front door and as the client opened the door the dog brushed past me and entered the hall. The woman invited me in and offered me a seat in the front room and she sat opposite.

We were completing a questionnaire when I noticed that the dog had squatted down on its hind legs and was performing a toilet function in the corner of the room. I continued with the interview not knowing whether I should draw her attention to the pile of material now deposited on her beautiful cream carpet. With the interview finished I made my hurried excuse and left the room. I opened the door and somewhat relieved stepped out onto the path, when I heard her...

"Don’t forget your dog" she shouted.

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